Sponsor Banner Advertising

Design Specifications for Sponsor Banners
Banners are to be saved to the following specifications.
Size: 125 pixels wide x 125 pixels high @ 72 dpi
Format: File to be saved as jpg or gif (RGB)
Animation: up to 3 rotations
Cost: $50 per month per banner

Why advertise on GSEcart.com?
Your advertising banner will link customers directly to your website which will increase your traffic and sales. In addition, your banner will have priority in your region over the other banners. For more information please email sponsors@gsecart.com

Where will my banner appear?
Your advertising banner will be shown on the right side of a number of major pages on the GSEcart website. There is a maximum of 40 ads per month per region allowed on the site, with 10 banners per region shown randomly at any one time. Banners will appear on the side of the webpage in a random order.

When will my banner expire?
Your advertising banner will expire on the last calendar day of the month.

How will my banner be posted?
Your banner will be posted by the webmaster on the 1st of the following month. All images must be received by the 23rd of each month in order to be included in the following month's rotation. You will receive an email notification once your banner is posted.

What are the banner advertising terms and conditions?
All ads change over at the 1st of the month. Payment is required before the ad goes live and your supplied ad is to be sent to GSEcart one week before the end of the month.

Who will design my banner?
You may design your own banner based on the specifications listed above. Or you may send your information and images to us and we can design the banner for you. If you need your banner designed please email sponsors@gsecart.com for pricing.

Where do I send my images?
Please send your images to sponsors@gsecart.com.

Inappropriate Banner images
As a sponsor on GSEcart.com, you agree to the User Agreement, which includes the Privacy Policy. Any prohibited and inappropriate items/services sent as images with the intent to be used as sponsor banners will be rejected and deleted and your account will be banned from the website. No Exceptions!


Test Banner
Piano Lamp Welding
4/12/2024 2:29:24 PM 
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