Item Duration Fee   Unit
Registration FREE
Storefront Set Up FREE   per storefront
Monthly Storefront 30 days FREE   per storefront
Monthly Sponsor Banner with 3 rotations 30 days $50.00   per banner
Category Page Listing
C: Classified Ad 30 days FREE   per listing
A: Auction w/Reserve or Buy Now Option 3,5,7,10,14,21,30 FREE   per listing
Dutch Auction days 0%   final sale
Reverse Auction
Reverse Dutch Auction
Fixed Price Sale
R: Request for Quote 7,14,21,30,60,90 FREE   per listing
days 0%   final sale
T: Trade 3,5,7,10,14,21,30 FREE   per listing
days 0%   final sale
Attention Getters (Optional)
Images (0-6) FREE   per listing
Bold Title FREE   per listing
Highlighted Listing FREE   per listing
Top Category Page Featured Listing FREE   per listing
Homepage Featured Listing FREE   per listing
Homepage Gallery Listing FREE   per listing

CART for Goods and Services
Classified Ad: Generate leads by advertising items/services.
Auction: Start an online auction with options for reserve and buy now pricing.
Dutch Auction: Sell multiple identical items/services with one auction listing.
Reverse Auction: Start a reverse auction listing with an optional reserve price.
Reverse Dutch Auction: Buy multiple identical items/services with one reverse auction listing.
Fixed Price Sale: Sell item(s)/service(s) at a flat price without any bidding.
Request For Quote: Solicit quotes for a product/service and then choose the best offer.
Trade: Accept or refuse offers of goods/services for exchanges of any kind.

Possible Listings Sellers of Goods Buyers of Goods Providers of Services Recipients of Services
Merchants, Vendors, etc. Shoppers, Clients, etc. Businesses, Contractors, Freelancer, etc. Homeowners, Clients, etc.
Classified Ads X X X X
Auctions with reserve or buy now options X n/a X n/a
Reverse Auctions     (budget approach) n/a X n/a X
Dutch Auctions X n/a X n/a
Reverse Dutch Auctions (budget approach) n/a X n/a X
Fixed Price Sale X n/a X n/a
Requests for Quote n/a X X X
Trades X X X X


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Piano Lamp Welding
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